Monday, March 28, 2016

From Save East Greenbush.....

We did it! With the generous support of all of you we have reached our fundraising goal! Our Grand Finale was a smashing success. Our final payment to our lawyer is in the mail, and we are free and clear of our obligations as Save East Greenbush.

We are very grateful to all the individuals and businesses who have donated their time, money, and goods and services, not only for this most recent silent auction and event but throughout the course of our campaign, to save our town from a casino. We truly banded together as a community and have much to show for it. We cannot thank you enough for being the town we all fought so hard to save.

We have some loose ends to tie up (a few of you still need to pick up your silent auction items!), but then we will be able to close the books on this chapter in our Town's history. At the end of April we will be shutting down the Facebook page and the website and officially closing out Save East Greenbush, Inc. We encourage everyone to stay involved! Please go to Town Board meetings. Show up to the County Legislature. Stay informed and connected. In fact, the next East Greenbush Town Board meeting is on April 20 at 7 PM. We'll see you there.


Your Friends and Neighbors of Save East Greenbush