Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let's see the Plan!!

 I just got the anonymous "comment" below, and without the permission of the sender, I've decided to make it a new Post.  It captures the political dilemma in our Town.  The minority has an opportunity to move the Town forward with an aggressive agenda to reform what needs to be reformed in our Town.  But we haven't heard a thing about what the minority would do with a majority.  Give us a reason to vote for you!!  

It's only a rumor, but I've heard that the Republican Chair has instructed his candidates NOT to address issues.  I hope that this is not the case.  We need to hear candidates on issues.  The absence of "content" from a candidate should demonstrate inability to serve the public in responsible office.   I have no idea what "instructions" have been given to the Democratic candidates.

This blog space is open to ANY candidate to publish his/her position(s) on policy issues facing the Town. 

------  The East Greenbush Gadfly

"Supervisor Langley blames voters for not giving him a majority on the town board. It is an excuse with some minor merit.

But where the excuse falls short is that Supervisor Langley does not now, and never has yet, told voters why they should give majority control of the town board.

If he had even an ounce of leadership and some vision for our town I am more than confident voters would sign up and give him the majority that would eliminate his excuses.

But when all he chooses to offer are excuses voters are, very understandably, not sure what they would be voting for.

Here's a news flash Mr. Supervisor...registered Democrats are more numerous than any other political party. If you do not share and demonstrate an ability to lead and take our town someplace new and better those more numerous Democrats will see to it that the candidates that might give you a majority never hold office.

The choice is truly yours BUT you simply must provide leadership, vision and a financial plan for our town."