Friday, January 22, 2016

A Comment that deserves to be a new Post....

The comment below just came in, and I think it should start a new Thread.  We didn't get into this pickle overnight.  It took years of mischief and neglect.  Part of the responsibility lies with the citizenry too, for not paying attention.  Now we have to pay the piper. 

"Mike G has left a new comment on your post "It Was Like David and Goliath......":

Greetings... I can happily say that i participated in voting out the incompetence. I'm just as happy as anyone else when it comes to the potential changes ahead. With that being said can we finally put an end to showering the new supervisor and his team with well deserved praise.

I come here routinely to keep up to date with whats going on. People on here are focusing too much on patting themselves on the back and re-enforcing what a great thing has been accomplished. Now that the election as over and 2 months behind us can we get some sort of real discussions going on regarding the 'painful' tax increase that's hanging over our heads. I for one am very concerned and almost enraged that i will be left holding the bag as a fairly new resident. Depending on how severe the increase i may find myself in a situation where i will have to put the house up for sale and most likely take a pounding on the resale value.

When looking for a new house you set certain criteria(school dist,neighborhood,taxes etc etc) for where you're looking to settle down with your loved ones.Its not a decision most take lightly. This time around i thought I had all my bases covered. Never in my wildest dreams did i consider it necessary to dig down deep into town politics prior to purchasing here. Had i known what i've learned over the past 2 years of living in EG i would have run for the hills.

Im very concerned regarding the language Mr Conway used in the TU article regarding the tax hike. Depending on how great the hike is, I could be forced to lose the home.Trying to make my new mortgage payment may become to hard or just impracticable.

Listen i'm an adult and very realistic. I budgeted and expected taxes to increase over time. That's what they do,they go up. What blindsided me was this impending "hurtful" increase on such a large scale. I would expect out of my new supervisor someone that makes a calculated well thought out decision on how to go about recouping the pile of money owed. I'm positive this is what the residents of EG want and deserve. If the supervisor is not willing to give it the proper attention it deserves on the behalf of his constituents then he is no better than the people we Just pushed out. I know his intentions are indeed in the right place but please don't let your drive and determination cloud your judgement. It would be nice to see this administration stick around for quite a while to get some real work done over the long term. Pleased realize , if you place too many people outside of their comfort zone too quickly you will find yourself alienated and this administration will be 1 and done.

From what i gather certain people are not willing to drop the money on a proper study whats fair. If you're gonna stick me with some monumental bill at least stroke me a little and let me know you at least gave me the time of day and were somewhat concerned about my family's well being.

Good luck and thank you."

Sunday, January 17, 2016

It Was Like David and Goliath......

Next Wednesday evening at the Town Board Meeting, the Resolution "inviting" casino developers to Thompson Hill in East Greenbush will be RESCINDED!!!  This last year and a half has been quite an experience and has resulted in a "sea-change" in our little town.  Our community came together and went up against a collection of very powerful, connected, well funded and arrogant elements.  Think about this list of opponents who conspired to dump that "thing" on the Hill without consulting the population.......  Churchill Downs, Feathers and his buddies in Albany, County wheeler-dealers, East Greenbush wheeler-dealers, Morgan Hook and SKDKnickerbocker.  Feel free to add to the list.  Had it not been for a united community effort in education and mobilizing neighbors, putting together the presentation to the Location Board and a brilliant attorney - Jeff Meyer - we'd be getting rolled like that little town in Seneca County.  And a way of life and a bright future would have been lost forever. 

Be sure to attend the Board meeting next Wednesday at 7:00pm and see history made. 

Also, coming on March 12th is what will hopefully be the last Save East Greenbush fundraising event to clean-up the last of the legal bill.  Stay tuned for details.  Dinner, jazz, silent auction.......