Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Amended East Greenbush Ethics Code

Here's a link to the amended Ethics Code on the East Greenbush Town website, followed by a comment by Supervisor Jack Conway:

"We're very proud of the amended Code of Ethics.  It was redrafted by the Board of Ethics and completed by the Town Board.  Thanks to Kathleen Luria and the Board of Ethics for their skill and dedication.  The entire Code has been reviewed and major changes have been made to tighten up the requirements for financial disclosure, and rewrite the rules on nepotism and political activity on the part of Town officials.  The amended Code also includes a section on the grounds for removal of a member of the Board of Ethics.  That section is designed to protect members from removal for political reasons. Overall, the amended Code of Ethics helps fulfill East Greenbush First's promise to take politics out of our Town government.  Please review and bring your thoughts and comments to the Public Hearing.

Thanks,  Jack"