Thursday, December 29, 2016

Supe's Report

As I come to the end of my first year in office I’ve had a chance to reflect on what we have accomplished and how much is still left to do.  I’m writing an Annual Report to the residents of East Greenbush that should be available at the 2017 Organizational Meeting on January 3rd.  The report will also be available on this website.

When Tina Tierney, Tom Grant and I made the decision to run for office without the support or endorsement of any of the existing political parties, we were told that we were on a fool’s errand, and that no one could win by ignoring the political professionals and speaking directly to the residents about the kind of change we needed. We’ve worked hard to live up to the trust placed in us, and I think we have had a successful first year.  Thanks to Tina, Tom, Deb DiMartino and Mary Ann Matters for their substantial efforts this year.  Board meetings have been civil and productive, the blogs are relatively quiet, and the focus has remained on the important business of the Town.

For my part, I have worked hard and tried to be clear in communicating the reasons for the things we have done.  My job is made easy by the dedication and professionalism of the men and women who work for the Town of East Greenbush.  We have the best police department in the Capital Region.  Our DPW workers brave the elements and face dangerous challenges every day.  They’re the unsung heroes in our delivery of essential services.  The people who work in Town Hall have brought a level of skill to their tasks far beyond anything I could have hoped for when I took office. Special thanks to Lisa O’Brien, my administrative assistant, who deals with staff and the public with a friendly professional demeanor that makes me look better than I deserve.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hannukah.  Thank you for placing your trust in me.  I will continue to work hard every day to represent you in a way that reflects well on this beautiful town of ours.


  1. Does anyone know if there is an organizational meeting agenda or is that only for pre-board and town board meetings? Interested in some appointments, is anyone interested anymore?

  2. The organizational meeting agenda occurs once a year in January. For appointment/job opportunities, keep your eye on the town's website, which, by the way, has just been redesigned and was released on Tuesday. Those interested in town business should attend the pre-board and town board meetings on the second and third Wednesdays of every month. The agendas for those meetings can also be found on the town's website.